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Helping Hands Rustic Love Vienna

Helping Hands – Rustic Love Vienna

After mother, Michelle Davila, saw an excellent idea on social media, she wanted to try it with her children and friends in her town of Vienna, and it has now blossomed into a way to improve the lives of their neighbors in need. Her children Lucas, Lia, and Ava, and a myriad of other friends started building small yard signs embellished with the outline of a heart. Their project is called Rustic Love Vienna, and they use proceeds to help others in need.

They started with only 12 and didn’t think people would want them, but it has grown to cause them and their mother to make more. People usually put the small signs in their front yard so everyone can see them throughout Vienna.

They give their proceeds to Lydia Russo, who runs a Facebook page called Vienna VA Foodies. When COVID-19 hit, she turned her once restaurant review site into a way to help struggling businesses, first responders, and food-insecure families. Vienna VA Foodies donates the money to eateries that then turned around to make and deliver meals to food-insecure families.

It has gotten so popular; they are now selling other heart-shaped items like shirts. They’ve even collaborated with Vienna Vinter owner, Victor Mendes, to create Rustic Love Vienna wine. For every bottle sold, he donates $10 to their cause.

In a year, they have raised more than $100,000 and have more than 2,500 signs throughout the Vienna community. In awe of the fantastic work, they are doing Joel Bassam stopped by with a special surprise. “We were touched by your story and the amazing thing you’ve been able to do with your kids, so we actually wanted to purchase a sign from you for $1,500 to continue what you are doing to support your community,” Bassam said.

Davila was stunned by Easterns’ surprise. “I’ve never gotten a big check before,” Davila said as she received the giant check to signify the donation from the Helping Hands program.

“It’s people helping people for no reason other than they saw a need and they are serving it and doing it in a creative way, and they are helping the community support each other. It’s really beautiful what you all have been able to do,” Bassam said to Davila and “Rustic Love Vienna.”