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Helping Hands – The Open Goal Project

The average youth soccer player’s yearly cost ranges between $1,500 and $5,000, and due to the lack of financial resources, many kids are left out of leagues and unable to play. The nonprofit Open Goal Project provides opportunities for underprivileged children in Washington, D.C., to play competitive soccer.

The program gives kids the chance to showcase their skills in a family-oriented environment. Gio Ceron, a member of the Open Goal Project, expressed, “If I didn’t have it, I wouldn’t have all these friends, and I wouldn’t know all of these skills the coaches taught me,”

Easterns Automotive Group was inspired by what they do for our community and wanted to give back. Joel Bassam from Easterns joined in surprising Amir Lowery, co-founder and Executive Director of Open Goal Project.

“We were blown away by what you’re doing to support your community and support the dreams of those who are trying to play soccer at the next level,” said Joel Bassam. “We want to support you guys by donating $2,000 to continue to spread the love and share these stories with other kids doing what they love most. Continue to do the amazing things you’re doing.”

Lowery and the Open Goal Project were grateful for this donation. They expressed, “It really means a lot. I really appreciate you guys. This will go a long way toward our mission and further leveling the playing field.”