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Helping Hands – Nurturing Families

Throughout the last 11 years, a woman in Fairfax County has built a non-profit that helps children in need in the community, and she is now taking it to Annadale, VA. Sherry Noud, founder of “Nurturing Families,” collects things like baby shoes, socks, underwear, and outfits for children in the area, and more than 230 children received brand new clothes as part of her May summer clothing drive. All items donated to the children in need are brand new and have specifically been requested by them. After families tell us what they need for their children, complete strangers pitch in to help buy them.

Joel Bassam joined to surprised Sherry with $2,000 towards her mission to clothe and feed others in need. The donation will help cover her shopping list for other children in need.

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