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Helping Hands – Be The Good Project

Last year, the Marchand family from Northern Virginia started the Be the Good Project to feed people during the pandemic. In the process, they inspired a caring community, from friends and neighbors to church groups, sports teams, and girls scouts, to donate over 40,000 pounds of food and prepare over 63,000 sandwiches for the homeless.

Recently, they began building little food pantries in underserved communities, with nine already created and five more on the way. Amber Marchand and her family joined ABC 7 News for what they thought was an interview to update others on the Be Good Project, but there was really a surprise in store!

Finally able to return in person, Joel Bassam from Easterns joined in surprising the Marchand family, “We’ve been blown away by what you’ve been able to achieve and the way that you’ve been able to support these communities. We wanted to donate $2000 to you all so you can keep spreading the good and keep feeding these families.” 

Completely shocked by this donation, Amber Marchand was fighting back the tears as she expressed her gratitude. 

Click here for details on how you can support Be the Good Project.

Helping Hands, powered by ABC 7, is always looking to help people or organizations in need worthy of assistance. If you know someone that fits this description, please click here to nominate them.

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