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Pay It Forward – Khloe

Earlier this year, 11-year-old Khloe from Gainsville, Va, suffering from Alopecia, was ecstatic to receive a wig from Cardi B. Alopecia is an auto-immune disease that causes hair loss. Khloe has lost all of her hair, but her mother, Teia Ferguson Maxwell, made sure to instill in her daughter that beauty comes from within and that wigs are a nice accessory and option to have.

Once we saw how happy Khloe was, we had to do more! Khloe thought it was a typical day running errands with her mother, but little did she know she was in for a huge surprise from the Easterns Automotive Group and the Pay It Forward team.

The glam squad at DanieNikole beauty bar in Greenbelt, Maryland, joined in pampering Khloe. The hairstylist Danielle Easterling created custom units with hints of pink, while Bri Price and Kayla Farrar provided makeup and nails. Khloe walked out of the beauty bar, surprised by her family, and left with a makeover that left her speechless. Joel Bassam from Easterns Automotive Group even joined in, surprising her with even more. She was able to take home two hair units, a gift card to Forever 21, and because she is a big Roblox fan, she also received an X-box gift card.