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Helping Hands – Cape Ivy

A mother from Fairfax county has made it her mission to help children all over the country by providing warmth and comfort. Meg Smith began sewing ponchos for her son, Gavin when he was six years old. Due to his rare form of Common Variable?Immune Deficiency, he spent a lot of his time growing up in and out of the hospital. Meg created ponchos to keep him warm since he couldn’t wear robes because of his IV or PICC line. After her son passed, Meg and her business partner, Cindy, began to sew and donate ponchos to hospitals to keep other chronic and critically ill children warm.

They made their first delivery in 2019 to Inova Children’s Hospital, and they have now expanded across the country and recently became a non-profit called Cape Ivy. If you’d like to request a cape for your child?

Touched by Meg’s efforts to supply warmth, comfort, and support for children across our area, Joel Bassam joined with a message for Meg and a surprise of $1500 so that she can continue to expand her mission. This surprise will help Meg donate 128 capes.

Helping Hands, powered by ABC 7, is always looking to help out people or organizations in need that are worthy of assistance. If you know someone that fits this description, please click here to nominate them.