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Helping Hands – Tummy Yumyum

COVID-19 has left some individuals in unfortunate circumstances. Some are still without jobs and the support they had before. However, it is incredible to see people in our community pull together to help one another during this time, like Sharita Rouse, the owner of gourmet candy apple store Tummy Yumyum in Manassas, VA.?

Sharita says, in 2008, God directed her to open a candy apple store, even though she had never made candy apples before. One day, someone stopped by her store looking for food, and again she says God directed her to start feeding anyone in need without asking, and since then, she has been feeding individuals for over ten years through her business. Due to the influx of people in need during the pandemic, Sharita began to provide hot meals for about 500-600 people a week from her candy apple storefront.?

It is always a pleasure to partner with ABC 7’s Helping Hands initiative and give back to those doing incredible work in the community. Presented by Kidd Oshea, we were excited to surprise Tummy YumYum with $1500 to go towards her actions in the Manassas community.?

Helping Hands, powered by ABC 7, is always looking to help out people or organizations in need worthy of assistance. If you know someone that fits this description, please?click here?to nominate them.