Get Up Give Back – United Soldiers and Sailors of America


The sacrifice that veterans make everyday for our country deserves more than a thank you, and a nonprofit whose mission is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for veterans in need is United Soldiers and Sailors of America.

Reese Waters was able to sit down with United Soldiers and Sailors of America?s president, John Yori, to hear more about the organization and their efforts in the metro area. Seeing the needs of veterans first hand, their programs, services, and events were created to have a direct impact on the wellbeing of veteran lives. It is an all volunteer organization that services food insecure and homeless veterans in the Washington, DC area, supplying them with toiletries, hosting food drives, and providing winter survival kits.?

Veterans have served to protect us and it is important that we protect them in return. That?s why, in partnership with Get Up DC and @WUSA9, we were excited to donate $1000 to United Soldiers and Sailors of America with Reese Waters, so that they can continue to enhance the quality of life for our veterans?

To learn more about ways you can donate or volunteer with the United Soldiers and Sailors of America please visit –

Easterns Automotive Group and WUSA 9 are always here to help. If you know someone in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area that is worthy of being helped or recognized, please contact at @ReeseWaters on social media. #GetUpDC #GetUpGiveBack

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