Pay It Forward – Helping Fight Food Insecurity Amid The Pandemic


There is so much uncertainty in the world due to the long-lasting effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.? Millions of families have been affected by job loss and are struggling to make it and put food on the table.? Local food banks and pantries have stepped up to help provide as much food as possible.? However, they have seen a decline in donations making it hard to serve all of the families in need.

St. Anne?s Episcopal Church in Damascus, Maryland stepped up to the plate when the pandemic first hit in March to assist families.? They have been able to feed numerous families with the help of their neighbors and the donations received from local organizations like Manna.? In the beginning, they were only thinking this would be a short term thing.? Nobody had a clue that the pandemic would last nearly a year and only get worse as the months went on.

Fox 5 DC and Easterns Automotive Group got wind of the amazing work that St. Anne?s Episcopal Church was doing in the community and decided to pay them a visit.? Marrisa Mitchell, the new host of Good Day DC was able to chat with Cindy Lippet, a volunteer for St. Anne?s that has been helping out with the fox boxes.? She let everyone know that they are always in need of food and donations to keep their operation going.? It was then that Joel Bassam joined their zoom call to announce that he would Pay It Forward on behalf of Easterns. Bassam donated $2,000 to help them purchase fresh meat and produce.? This money will go a long way on their journey to help feed as many families as possible.? If you would like to learn more about St. Anne?s Episcopal Church ? find donation times or volunteer information, click here.


If you know someone in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area that goes above and beyond the call and is worthy of being recognized,?Click here?to nominate them.

Watch the video to see the way everything unfolded.


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