Helping Hands – Cheverly Emergency Response Team


The COVID-19 pandemic and the effects of it have continued long beyond what was originally anticipated. It is truly taken a toll on families not only in the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia region but all across the nation. Many families are struggling right now due to job loss and unemployment leaving many in need of basic necessities like food. Maverly Nettles of Cheverly, Maryland is the head of the Cheverly Emergency Response Team (CERT) is set out to change this and help those in need.

The mission of CERT is to provide critical support to the town of Cheverly and assist residents during an emergency. They specialize in providing members with on-going training in disaster response, emergency preparedness, leadership, and organizational skills. They also educate residents in Cheverly about emergency preparedness and support the Cheverly Police Department in the event of a disaster.

Nettles has been responsible for coordinating bi-weekly food drives at Cheverly United Methodist Church to provide meals for those affected by the pandemic. ABC 7 WJLA-TV along with their partner at Easterns Automotive Group heard of the amazing food drives and all that Nettles was doing throughout her Prince Georges County community. They sent a camera crew along with Kidd O?Shea of ABC 7 to surprise Nettles for their Helping Hands segment. It was then that Joel Bassam of Easterns Automotive Group appeared via video to announce that he would be doing $2,000 on behalf of Easterns to support CERT and help Nettles continue spreading the generosity and love to those that need it the most.

Watch the video to see how everything unfolded.


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