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Helping Hands – Surprising a Retired Teacher


Many times, people ask if good people still exist.? The answer is yes because Karen Shilling of Montgomery County, Maryland is one of them.? Shilling is a retired teacher that has spent years working at Thomas Edison High School in Silver Spring, Maryland with the academic and career program for adult ESOL students.? However, it seems like her retirement ignited a new flame in her as she continues to give with a broken arm during this global COVID-19 pandemic.

When schools shut down early this year, Shilling took matters into her own hands.? She made the decision to turn her garage into a food pantry with the help of her small team of family, neighbors, and fellow teachers.? Shilling knows and understands how much of a trying time this is for Americans, so she wanted to do her part to help students as well as adults during such a difficult time.? People are out of school and work with no extra funds for food.? With unemployment through the roof and the government putting an end to the additional federal aid, people across the country are losing everything.? The bare necessities have become luxuries for some.? Shilling has been giving out masks to everyone as well as the hope to prevent the spread of the virus.? She has received donations and packages from food pantries and the USDA who have been in full support of her mission.? Her husband, Brian Shilling has even been helping out as he sees how passionate his wife is about helping others.

ABC 7 and Easterns Automotive Group heard of Shilling?s incredible mission and wanted to cover it on their Helping Hands segment.? Cameras followed Joel Bassam as he surprised Shilling with a check for $1,500 to help continue feeding those in need during this time.? Bassam and Easterns family have loved doing their part to feed the community since they started in business over 30 years ago.? It?s important that we stick together as a community and always be a helping hand to one another when we can.


Watch the video to see how everything unfolded.

Helping Hands, powered by ABC 7 is always looking to help out people or organizations in need that are worthy of assistance.? If you know someone that fits this description, please click here to nominate them.?

YouTube Link ? https://youtu.be/M9Su8j3F85I

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