Helping Hands – Greater Morning Star Apostolic Church


It?s been a few months since the COVID-19 pandemic began in the United States, but the effects have been long-term.? The unemployment rates remain through the roof and many people simply are hungry.? Almost every industry has been impacted and is in need of financial assistance.? The amazing folks at Greater Morning Star Apostolic Church in Alexandria, VA have been going above and beyond to help their community during this tough time.? Despite going through financial hardships, they have decided to help feed others through their Fisher of Men food truck.? The food truck has allowed them to raise money for the church while also feeding their community.? Every Sunday, they feed hundreds of people for free because they know that people are in need during this trying time.

Deacon James Myers is the master chef on the food truck and he truly enjoys being able to support and uplift the community.? He praises Ed Moore for offering to be a part of their community efforts.? Moore is the founder of Veterans Fishing Adventure, a nonprofit organization in Northern Virginia connecting veterans of all abilities and their families with boating and fishing adventures.? Moore saw the way that the church was getting involved in the community and decided to help out.? A few months ago, Moore and his team of volunteers caught catfish and received donations from local restaurants to benefit the Fisher for Men food truck.? To date, Fisher for Men has been able to feed over 5,000 people every Sunday thanks to the generosity of Moore.

Something as simple as pitching in to help can impact the lives of so many in need. ABC 7 and Easterns Automotive Group heard this story and wanted to pitch in on their Helping Hands segment just like Moore did.? Joel Bassam of Easterns was so touched by this story that he wrote a check for $2,000 for the Greater Morning Star Apostolic Church and their Fisher of Men Food Truck.? This story is very personal for Bassam as he and his family have a long history with feeding people in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia community.? Deacon Myers was truly at a loss for words and was brought to tears by Bassam?s kind gesture.? Instances like this remind us that helping someone in the smallest way can make the biggest impact.? A small act of kindness can inspire others to do the same.? Ask yourself, when is the last time you?ve been a helping hand?


Watch the video to see how everything unfolded.

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