Road to a Better Community – Remembering The Foxtrappe

Easterns Automotive Group and WUSA 9 are kicking off 2020 in a major way! They recently partnered up for their first Road to a Better Community segment of the year. A local photographer by the name of Don Baker has captured the history of Washington D.C. and is on a mission to preserve it for future generations. He has had the pleasure of snapping photos of athletes, musicians, and politicians over his 40 years of being a photographer. Baker?s love for photos inspired him to turn his art into a documentary that he is working on called ?The Trappe?. It will be a look back at the famous Foxtrappe which was private black night club in Washington D.C residing at 1601 R St. NW. After the 1968 riots in DC, the Foxtrappe became a place where African Americans could go to enjoy themselves and have fun. Members of the Congress had their own room where they could also discuss business. This was the go to spot for many celebrities and elite as well. Baker is determined to showcase the impact that this now famous club had on the city of Washington. He feels that a documentary would be the perfect form of preservation so that the legacy, memories, and stories can continue to be passed down and shared.

?The Trappe? has been 10 years in the making so Baker created a Go Fund Me to help fund this passion project. He was able to raise $7,500 of his $10,000 goal. This was until Easterns Automotive Group and WUSA 9 decided to come together and give Baker the surprise of a lifetime. WUSA 9 cameras captured Joel Bassam presenting Baker with a $3,000 check on behalf of Easterns Automotive Group. With Baker?s goal now complete, he will be able to finish his documentary and share the wonderful history and culture of Washington D.C. with the entire world.

To learn more about Easterns Automotive Group?s partnership with WUSA 9 and how they come together to empower the DMV community, please visit

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