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Road to a Better Community – Food for Others

Easterns Automotive Supports Food for Others Food Bank

The holiday season is officially upon us! For some, this is an exciting time of the year to celebrate with family and friends over food.? Many others, unfortunately, do not have the same luxury.? There are more than 75,000 people living in poverty in Fairfax County, Virginia.? A statistic that seems almost unreliable due to the fact that this is one of the Nation?s wealthiest regions.? Food for Others is a local nonprofit food bank that has been helping to serve those less fortunate since 1995.? Many families find it quite hard to make ends meet in general but especially during the holiday season.? Each week, they serve more than 1,800 local families with the help of their food drives and wonderful staff/volunteers.? The ultimate goal of Food for Others is to eliminate food insecurity.

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WUSA 9 and Easterns Automotive Group got word of their incredible work.? They chose to highlight Food for Others in their Road to a Better Community segment.? A box truck courtesy of Easterns surprised their entire team by delivering 1,009 pounds of food to help pack their warehouse.? As a company, Easterns is no stranger to providing food to the community.? Earlier this year, Easterns supported furloughed federal workers in the government shutdown by donating 10,000 each week to local food banks until the end of the shutdown.? 2019 has certainly been tough but it?s great to know that many families will have great meals for Thanksgiving.? Please visit www.foodforothers.org to learn more and find ways in which you too could donate or volunteer to such a great cause.? Let?s help one another!

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