Easterns Automotive Group partners with WPGC 95.5 to award an Outstanding Educator

Eastern Motors Partners with WPGC 95.5 to Present Educator Award

A few weeks ago, WPGC 95.5 in Washington D.C. announced the opportunity to nominate an outstanding educator for their contest in partnership with Easterns Automotive Group (Eastern Motors). Many candidates were nominated but there was one in particular that stood out. Andrea Hoes, a second-grade teacher at Staton Elementary School in SE, D.C. was selected as the winner. Ms. Hoes was nominated by a number of family and friends for her tremendous hard work as a teacher. Joe Clair of the Joe Clair Morning Show on WPGC 95.5 made the announcement at For Sisters Only (FSO 2019) by bringing her on stage and presenting her with the $1,500 check courtesy of Easterns. $1,000 of the money is for personal use and $500 is for classroom spending. Please see below to read some of the nominations that we submitted on Ms. Hoes? behalf.

“Andrea Hoes has worked tirelessly for over a decade to change lives for elementary students in one of the city’s most disadvantaged and underserved areas. Her creative approach to teaching (using pop culture references and innovative games to teach simple concepts) is second to none. She built an entire mock Chick-Fil-A drive thru in the classroom to teach students how to count currency and make purchases. Years after her students leave the classroom they keep in contact with Ms. Hoes to update her on their life’s progression. Her students are her life and she would be incredibly honored to be surprised with this award.”

“Every student that crosses paths with Ms. Hoes turns out to be different than when she first met them. Most of her students come in broken, lost, or afraid. Her goal for them is to help evolve them and to show them you can be and do anything in life,” another said. “She gives her students the love, attention and she nurtures them as if they were her own. Her way of teaching is out of this world. She engages and makes students want to learn and come to school EVERYDAY! Every year she spends her money on classroom decorations and she gives them a party for EVERY holiday. She?s been an educator for more than 10 years; her teaching performance is through the roof. She?s not your typical elementary teacher; she?s so much more and is very deserving of this award!”

“My cousin Andrea Hoes deserves to be an honored educator because she has dedicated her life to making our future brighter.?Even when she isn?t at the school she continues to educate as a cheerleading coach for Dynamic Cheer. She is the BOMB!”

“I nominate Andrea Hoes for a chance to win this award. She is very kind, considerate, and has a loving connection with her students. She is outstanding in and out of the classroom. She is always creating different, hands on methods for her students to learn. I constantly see her pouring into her students effortlessly. Whether it be a nice compliment, a hug, a gift, or a small party with good food and treats. She definitely knows the way to those kids hearts. She is a great teacher, mentor, friend, and cheerleading coach. I can see her passion for teaching through her creativity. She makes learning a wonderful and entertaining experience.”

“Andrea Hoes is a great teacher at Stanton Elementary in SE she gives her students her ALL…. she is a very amazing person let alone and educator! But don?t just take my word for it ? ask her current and previous students!!!”
“Ms. Andrea Hoes, is the most unsung hero?I know when it comes to being an extraordinary educator. As a parent I thank?her and appreciate all that she does?for her class, she sacrifices more than her time in and out of her classroom.”

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