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Road to a Better Community – Lift Me Up

It?s important to recognize both incredible people and organizations that work very hard to help others in the community.? This idea is the reason that WUSA 9 and Easterns Automotive Group came together to form their Road to a Better Community series.? They search the entire DC, Maryland, and Virginia community to find great causes to shine a spotlight on and contribute to.? Recently, they got word of a wonderful therapeutic horseback riding inclusion program that also provides equine therapy.? Lift Me Up is located in Great Falls, Virginia and is committed to teaching riding skills to both children and adults with various disabilities.? They are able to help people improve their balance, core strength, and flexibility.? Riders at Lift Me Up range from ages 3 to 60 years old.? Kim Buseman suffers from multiple sclerosis but has been coming to Lift Me Up for 23 years.? ?If I can?t see, feel, tough, or smell a horse I?m not a happy person,? she said.? The impact that Lift Me Up has on the community on its riders speaks volumes.? Thanks to their lovely volunteers and instructors, they have been able to continue growing and teaching more than 100 riders each week.


WUSA 9 and their camera crew recently joined Joel Bassam of Easterns Automotive Group at Lift Me Up.? Bassam presented them with a check for $2,500 to support their 100 for 100 program which will go a very long way.? If you would like to learn more about Life Me Up and how you can either support or volunteer, please visit: www.liftmeup.org




To learn more about Easterns Automotive Group?s partnership with WUSA 9 and how they come together to empower the DMV community, please visit www.wusa9.com/BetterCommunity

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