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October is upon us which means that it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.? Breast cancer affects more woman than any other cancer.? Before the end of 2019, over 300,000 women in the United States will have been diagnosed with breast cancer along with 2,670 men.? Easterns Automotive Group and WUSA 9 decided to come together for their Road to a Better Community segment in a major way.? They wanted to highlight and give back to those directly affected by breast cancer.? They chose StyleEsteem Wardrobe, a business that creates head wraps for women fighting cancer.? Sonya Keshwani created StyleEsteem after suffering from breast cancer herself.? Going to chemotherapy resulted in her losing her hair which inspired her to get creative with her look.? She began to shop at the fabric store and sew her own head wraps as an alternative to wearing a hat.? It was important to her that she was still fashionable even while going through such a dark time in her life.? Keshwani grew her new found passion into a business when she realized that many others are faced with the same journey.? StyleEsteem Wardrobe has a head wrap collection for every season.


One woman who in particular that StyleEsteem Wardrobe was able to help is Maggie Kudirka aka Bald Ballerina.? As a dancer, her life was affected drastically by breast cancer but she refused to give up.? She continues to go through chemotherapy and dance through the pain.? Her head wrap keeps her stylish and confident when she goes out into the world.? Keshwani has done so much to support the community through her business that Easterns Automotive Group was inspired to make a donation.? Joel Bassam of Easterns presented StyleEsteem Wardrobe with a check for $2,500 to continue their incredible efforts.? Not only will this money be used to create new head wrap collections but it will also be used for their one for one donations.? If you would like to learn more about StyleEsteem, order a head wrap, or make a donation ? please visit


Please also educate yourself and those around you on the topic of Breast Cancer. ?When breast cancer is detected early, and is in the localized stage, the 5-year relative survival rate is 100%.



To learn more about Easterns Automotive Group?s partnership with WUSA 9 and how they come together to empower the DMV community, please visit

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