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Pay It Forward – Stuttering Since ’02

Meet Jared Glickfield?

Growing up as a millennial has its fair share of obstacles.? Bullying used to just be something that children had to encounter while at school.? However, due to the rise of technology, it often extends on to the world of social media.? A Montgomery County teen learned his true power when he decided to take his speech disorder into his own hands by choosing to embrace it and inspire others along the way.? Jared Glickfield was born with a stutter but he aimed to not let it get the best of him.? Dr. Tommie Robinson Jr. works with Jared on techniques to help him manage his stuttering and encouraged him to start his very own podcast.? Jared created Stuttering Since ?02 to be an inspiration to other students facing the same battle as him.? The platform gives him the privilege to share his story, give kids a positive experience, and provide a safe space on the internet that encourages others to be themselves.

Easterns Joins Fox 5 DC to Pay It Forward to Jared?

Easterns Automotive Group and Fox 5 DC joined forces to Pay It Forward to Jared because they were so touched by his incredible story.? Allison Seymour of Good Day DC invited Jared and his parents down to the studio to chat about raise awareness about his podcast.? He was surprised by Joel Bassam who presented him with some promo items to market his podcast along with a $500 gift card to Sweetwater Sound to purchase new audio equipment to record the podcast.? ?The smile on Jared?s face was priceless.? He is a great example to teens and even adults to show that when you own your truth, no one can use it against you.? If you would like to listen to his incredible podcast, please click here.


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