Pay It Forward – Clear the Lists for Teachers

Joel Bassam ‘Clears the List’ for Local Teachers

The ‘Clear the List’ Movement

The 2019 school year has officially begun in most counties across the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area.? This means that teachers have been extremely hard at work preparing their classrooms.? School budgets are so small that many teachers take it upon themselves to fund their own classroom decorations and materials. There is an official movement called ?Clear the Lists? to help teachers across the country cover these expenses.? They are able to share their classroom wish lists on social media and people who are interested can volunteer to make a donation for the needed supplies.

Easterns Supporting Frederick County Teachers

Fox 5 DC and Easterns Automotive Group caught wind of this incredible movement and took it upon themselves to help out a few lucky teachers.? Fox 5 DC followed Mike Thomas and Joel Bassam of Easterns where they met up with Justin Ridenour and Melissa Kaehny.? Both are science teachers in Frederick County, Maryland.? These two are very persistent when it comes to getting the supplies needed because they believe in providing a fun learning environment for their students.? Joel Bassam of Easterns announced that he would be clearing not only their classroom lists but also seven other teachers.? Both Ridenour and Kaehny were thrilled by the generosity that Easterns displayed.? Afterwards, Bassam treated the two lovely teachers to breakfast at Waffle House to show his appreciation for their hard work.? If you would learn more about this fantastic initiative to help out teachers across the United States, please visit




If you know someone in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area that goes above and beyond the call and is worthy of being recognized, Click here to nominate them.


Watch the video to see the way everything unfolded.


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