Road to a Better Community – Buck Lodge Middle School

Easterns Automotive Donates to Local School’s Effort to Go Green

Why Go Green?

The concept of going green has been a hot topic for years now. It means making better decisions when it comes to the environment such as reducing pollution, conserving energy and resources, and reducing consumption and waste. The overall goal is to save our planet and keep our earth as clean as possible. The changes one can make can be big or small including shopping in bulk, bringing your own bag while shopping, and avoiding products with microbeads. The principle of reduce reuse recycle is also a very important aspect of going green. When we reduce our waste, we use less energy and resources. Reusing items helps us reduce consumption of new materials and reduce our waste. Recycling is key as that allows us to reuse materials to make new items.

Local Prince Georges County School Goes Green

Buck Lodge Middle School in Prince Georges County, Maryland has implemented going green into their school culture. They are a PGCPS certified green school where both students and teachers work hard to keep our planet clean. There is a gardening program at Buck Lodge that teaches students how to grow produce and educates them on the importance of eating healthy. Programs like this encourage students to get up and be active. As a school, Buck Lodge has many goals and ideas for future projects but they require funding. Some of the many upcoming projects include invasive species removal, creating a sensory garden, and adding benches for teachers and students.

Easterns Automotive Group Pitches In

WUSA 9 and Fox 5 DC got wind of their incredible work and decided to pitch in. WUSA 9 cameras visited Buck Lodge Middle School for their Road to a Better Community segment. They are very big on highlighting people or groups in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia community that are making a difference. Joel Bassam of Easterns Automotive Group (Eastern Motors) donated a total of $2,000 in Lowe?s gift cards to support their wonderful efforts and help kick off their future projects. As a community, we must continue to invest in and support our youth.

To learn more about Easterns Automotive Group?s partnership with WUSA 9 and how they come together to empower the community, please visit


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