Road To A Better Community – The Miracle Foundation

Easterns Automotive Group has been on a roll with WUSA 9 for their series, Road to a Better Community.? The goal of the series is to empower nonprofits and various individuals who are going above and beyond to bring the community together. ??This week, the two came together to highlight The Miracle Foundation who is doing wonders not just locally but globally. The Miracle Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is committed to reuniting orphaned children with their families.? The term orphan is used a lot but many people don?t know that there are approximately 8 million children worldwide that are living in orphanages across the world.? The mission of The Miracle Foundation is to abolish this number by the year 2040.? Of course, that year is a while away but it will take much time and many resources to accomplish this.

Every child needs a loving family to provide unconditional love and support along with a stable safe home.? However, it costs to keep the children safe, healthy, and educated until they find a home.? The Miracle Foundation is a nonprofit so therefore they rely on government funds, donors, and other non-profits to help provide the children with their necessities.? Easterns Automotive Group decided to step up to the plate and donate $2,500 to their incredible organization.? The Miracle Foundation is always accepting donations to get them closer to their goal.? They need support from people who care and understand how orphan lives are affected and hope to see a change.? Help doesn?t only come in the form of money.? The Miracle Foundation is always looking for volunteers and interns who are committed to empowering orphans to reach their full potential.? Please click here to learn more about The Miracle Foundation and see all the ways that you can get involved if this is a nonprofit organization that interests you.


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