Road To A Better Community – Metropolitan Tennis and Education Group

Easterns Automotive Group is back at it with WUSA 9 for their Road to a Better Community segment.? The pair is extremely committed to highlighting those in the area who are choosing to promote positivity and unity.? One nonprofit organization who is doing this very well is the Metropolitan Tennis & Education Group (MTEG).? MTEG is mixing tennis with education reaching a diverse group of at risk youth and teaching them life and tennis skills.? This group of kids in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area normally would not be exposed to the sport.? There are over 200 students in the program and over 30 on the excellence team.? The impact that tennis has on them is quite outstanding.? A few students have received scholarships from major colleges to play the sport.? Thanks to MTEG, this group of students is receiving various opportunities that they may have never been presented otherwise.


With MTEG being a nonprofit, they are always accepting donations.? Joel Bassam of Easterns Automotive Group surprised Jeri Ingram of MTEG with a $2,000 check donation.? Easterns aka Eastern Motors has always been a company that loves giving back to the community.? This money will be used to fund travel for an upcoming tournament.? It?s imperative that we invest, empower, and support our youth.? They need to know that the people of their community are behind them one hundred percent.? Please click here to learn more about MTEG and find ways that you can get involved if this is an organization that interests you.

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