Pay It Forward – Good Samaritan Gets Rewarded With A Shopping Spree

It is very hard to find kind people in this world who don?t turn a blind eye to situations that do not directly affect them.? A good Samaritan in Washington D.C. by the name of Donnita Scott was with Jacqueline Elliott in late February.? The two witnessed a man steal a car with a child inside.? The car belonged to Tamara Richardson who stopped to fix a seatbelt hanging from her back door.? A man hopped in the driver?s seat while her back was turned and carjacked her. ?The man involved in the theft has been identified as Matthew Walker.? Both Scott and Elliott wasted no time telling Richardson to get into their car so that they could follow the carjacker.? Shortly after they dialed 911, Walker pulled over and escaped the vehicle leaving Richardson?s son untouched.? DC Police charged walker with kidnapping and unarmed carjacking.

Thanks to the help of Scott and Elliott, Richardson was able to get both her son and car back in one piece.? Unfortunately, Scott recently experienced some hard times that left her homeless for a short period of time.? All of her furniture was lost due to bug and mold infestation where she was staying.? It was time for someone to go out of their way for her just like she did for Richardson.? Easterns Automotive Group and Fox 5 DC teamed up with Value City Furniture to surprise Scott during their Pay It Forward segment with Allison Seymour.? Scott received $5,700 worth of furniture courtesy of Easterns and Value City Furniture.? Value City Furniture discounted the total and applied their $1,000 to the cost while Easterns covered the difference.? Joel Bassam of Easterns also presented Scott with a $1,000 Target gift card on site so she can do some shopping for her family.? The moral of the story is, when you do good things for others it truly does come back to you.? We need more people in this world like the lovely Donnita Scott!

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Watch the video to see the way everything unfolded.



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