Get Up DC – Helping Out Furloughed Federal Workers w/ WUSA 9

The government shutdown is over (temporarily)!? This is such great news to the tens of thousands of federal workers that were affected by this.? Federal employees were expected to work during the 35 day shutdown without receiving any pay.? Many had to take out loans and open new credit cards just to live, eat, and keep their bills paid.? A few weeks ago, Easterns Automotive Group teamed up to donate $10,000 a week to two Loudoun County food pantries to help feed local families that were in need due to the shutdown.? Even though the shutdown is over for now, the recovery process does not stop.? Families still need time to get back on their feet.? Easterns partnered with WUSA 9 on their Get Up DC segment to surprise several former furloughed workers in the District with gift cards.? In total, $1,000 in gift cards were given away.? Reese Waters from WUSA 9 did a great job chatting with federal workers and hearing their furloughed stories.? It was great to see so many smiling faces.? Little things go a long way especially in a time of need.


If you know someone in need please visit and let them know!

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