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Road To A Better Community – SMYAL

Easterns Automotive Group and WUSA 9 recently got together to do their very first edition of their Road to a Better Community segment for 2019.? Easterns and WUSA 9 have such a unique relationship because their intentions always line up when it comes to giving back and helping others.? They found an amazing Washington D.C. based nonprofit that specializes in helping LGBTQ youth in the area.? The organization, SMYAL is short for Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League.? SMYAL brings LGBTQ youth together through their afterschool programs and leadership development opportunities.? They also offer counseling services to youth because they understand the importance of mental health and making sure the teens go on to prosper in the real world.? Many LGBTQ youth often feel isolated and alone with nobody to relate to so SMYAL also offers housing to teens in need.? SMYAL is there to be a safe space for them to be understood, loved, and appreciated.? The nonprofit offers a scholarship program to recent high school graduates that can be used at their discretion.

Joel Bassam, Director of Marketing for Easterns presented SMYAL with a check for $2,500 to help with their incredible organization.? This money will help them to cover the costs of their services needed to keep SYMAL going.? WUSA 9 and Easterns are no strangers to giving back to the LGBTQ youth.? Just a few months ago, the pair donated to the Latin American Youth Center in Washington D.C.? If you would like to learn more about SMYAL, the services that they provide, and how you too can get involved, please click here.


To learn more about how WUSA 9 and Easterns Automotive Group helps organizations through the Road to a Better Community partnership, please click here.



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