Easterns Supports Loudoun County Federal Workers In Government Shutdown

It has been nearly a month that the government has been shut down for issues regarding politics.? This has unfortunately left hundreds of thousands of federal employees without pay.? The entire country is in an uproar because federal employees are still expected to work while they have no clue when they will receive their income.? Though this is a tremendous tragedy, life certainly does not stop.? In the meantime, people still have to live, pay bills, and support their families.? Easterns Automotive Group, headquartered in Sterling, Virginia has always been a company that steps up to the plate to help the members of the DMV community (DC, Maryland, and Virginia).? This government shutdown issue is no different.


Easterns Director of Marketing Joel Bassam collaborated with his father CEO Robert Bassam on ways they could give back and help the many families affected during such a hard time.? The two came up with the idea to donate $10,000 each week to both Loudoun Hunger Relief and Dulles South Food Pantry.? Both are local food banks located in Loudoun County, Virginia.? This will continue until the shutdown is brought to an end.? Unfortunately, the shutdown has caused many people to run out of money which in turn has lead to not being able to eat or provide food for their families.? An estimated 15,000 to 20,000 federal workers live in Loudoun so this will definitely be a start to help people out.? Easterns also donated $5,000 to that Capital Area Food Bank which is a member of Feeding America that responds to hunger in the Washington, DC metro area.? We want to encourage everyone that is facing tough times to stay strong. Please keep hope alive and remember that this won?t last forever!


DONATE: If you are looking to donate to any of these incredible organizations, please visit: Loudoun Hunger Relief, Dulles South Food Pantry, or Capital Area Food Bank.

RECEIVE SERVICES: If you are looking to receive services during this government shutdown, please visit: Loudoun Hunger Relief, Dulles South Food Pantry, or Capital Area Food Bank.