Redskins Rides ? Donnell?s custom Dodge Avenger

Happy Holidays Washington Redskins fans! We thought it would be a great time to share a new edition of Redskins Rides with you all. For this segment, Donnell is giving fans a close look at a custom Redskins ride that he calls his own. He is the proud owner of a Dodge Avenger sedan that has been completely modified to match the Redskins colors. The color of the car is exact burgundy of the Redskins official colors. The car is complete with Redskins decals and stickers in various parts of the vehicle. The four Redskins fags in the back of the car really take his ride up a notch. Donnell?s favorite player is the late Sean Taylor who just recently celebrated 11 year death anniversary. Taylor was a staple player for the Redskins and Donnell chose to celebrate him by adding Taylor?s picture on the back windows to help people remember him and keep his legacy alive. Once you step inside the vehicle, you will see Redskins seat covers as well. Some might argue that it?s a bit too much but Donnell is a huge hit in his neighborhood and wherever he goes. We are so appreciative of him taking the time to come down to Redskins Park in Ashburn, Virginia and show off his ride. Please stay tuned for more Redskins Rides in DC, Maryland, and Virginia community. Easterns and the Washington Redskins got you covered! #HTTR

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