Redskins Rides ? Glen and Vicky?s DeLorean DMC-12

Hello Washington Redskins fans! I?m sure you all are still recovering from celebrating last night?s win against the Dallas Cowboys. We thought it would only be right to share a new edition of Redskins Rides featuring a very cool car that you all may know. Long time Redskins fans, Glen and Vicky are proud owners of a DeLorean DMC-12. Most people know this car for being the time machine car that was featured in the Back to the Future franchise. Only about 9,000 DMC-12?s were made before production stopped. Glen purchased this car from eBay last year after debating for over 10 years whether or not he would purchase one. The two Redskins flags on the back of the car are the perfect accessory that doesn?t take anything away from the rare beauty. The back of the DeLorean has a flux capacitor which is a core component of the time machine. We want to thank this lovely couple for taking the time to share their awesome rare Redskins Ride with us. Please stay tuned for more Redskins Rides in DC, Maryland, and Virginia community. Easterns and the Washington Redskins got you covered! Number one in NFC East! #HTTR