Pay It Forward ? Retired Teacher From Prince Georges County Supports Neighborhood Children

Pay It Forward partners Fox 5 DC and Easterns Automotive Group (Eastern Motors) are back with a brand new episode and this one is a tearjerker. Cynthia Cogdell is a retired teacher from the Prince Georges County School district. Many times when teachers retire, they cannot wait to relax and get away from children. This is not the case for Ms. Cogdell who still dedicates her life to helping children without a paycheck being attached. Every morning before school, she meets and greets the children in her neighborhood at the bus stop. Her main goal is to help keep them safe and provide snacks to the kids so they can start their day right. Ms. Cogdell?s daughter uploaded a video to social media of her mother tending to the children at the bus stop and it went viral on social media.
Easterns Automotive Group and Fox 5 DC got wind of what Ms. Cogdell was doing and knew they wanted to do something nice for her. It takes a selfless individual to sacrifice their time, energy, and money to help others. Joel Bassam of Easterns Automotive Group presented Ms. Cogdell with tickets up an upcoming Washington Redskins games, a signed Ryan Kerrigan jersey, a certificate for a spa day, and more snacks for the students at the bus stop. She was overjoyed by the surprise. It?s clear that Ms. Cogdell has a lot to look forward to. With all the time and effort that she puts into the children, she too deserves to enjoy herself!

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Watch the video to see the way everything unfolded.


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