Alex Smith Goes to Easterns University: Class Two

Welcome back to Easterns University! We hope that you all enjoyed seeing Ryan Kerrigan, Josh Norman, and Jamison Crowder welcome Alex Smith to the Washington Redskins and teach him a few things.? In Class Two, we pick up right where we left off.? Kerrigan leads the class by discussing the importance of Easterns and why the automotive division is so important to the DMV community.? Easterns sells cars to the hard working men and women and DC, Maryland, and Virginia.? The fact that Easterns always has 1,000 cars separates them from other car dealers.? The only drawback of driving in this area is the crazy amount of traffic that commuters face every day.? Norman takes over speaking by telling Smith about ?the secret sauce? aka mumbo sauce.? Crowder passed a bottle of mumbo sauce to Smith so he can take it him and try it out.? Anyone from the DMV will tell you how important mumbo sauce is to the culture.? It is a sauce that goes on everything from chicken to french fries and more.? We look forward to sharing the rest of this segment with you all. More clips to come! Always remember ? At Eastern Motors, your job is your credit!