Alex Smith Goes to Easterns University: Class One

Welcome to Easterns University! In this series of clips, our guys Josh Norman, Ryan Kerrigan, and Jamison Crowder of the Washington Redskins welcome Alex Smith to the DMV. They teach Smith a few things about the culture surrounding the area as well as the importance of Eastern Motors. Smith is the latest addition to the Redskins after being traded by the Kansas City Chiefs in early 2018. Class One of Easterns University starts by Norman breaking down the widely used DMV acronym for DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Kerrigan takes control of the class by explaining how Easterns has been a trusted car dealer in the area for over 30 years. All three of the guys gather around Smith and explain that he must learn about Go-Go music because it is so important to the culture. Crowder passes Smith a Chuck Brown CD and encourages him to do his homework because Chuck Brown is ?The Godfather of Go-Go?. We look forward to sharing the rest of this segment with you all. More clips to come! Always remember ? At Eastern Motors, your job is your credit!