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Pay It Forward – Myannas Heart

Pay It Forward partners Fox 5 DC and Easterns Automotive Group (Eastern Motors) have teamed up yet again.? The pair found a very special organization to give back to.? A 7-year-old girl by the name of Myanna created her own non-profit organization named MyannasHeart based off a personal experience.? When Myanna was just 5 months old, she had her very first open heart surgery and has undergone several surgeries since.? After enduring such a traumatic experience both mentally and physically, she made it her purpose to help other children with their own hospital experience.

MyannasHeart is a non-profit organization that gives tote bags filled with goodies to children at Inova Children?s Hospital.? Some of the goodies included in the tote toys, blankets, and puzzles.? These small things can make a child?s hospital stay that much more comfortable.? Kudos to Myanna?s mother Sheri Kempton for stepping up to the plate and taking the steps to ensure that her daughter?s dream came to life.? When Fox 5 DC and Easterns Automotive Group got wind of this they immediately wanted to help.? Fox 5 DC invited Myanna and her family on Good Day DC where Joel Bassam of Easterns surprised them live on air with toys, supplies for their bags, and a check for $1,000 to help them on their mission.? If you would like to learn more about MyannaHeart and how you can help, please click here.

If you know someone in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area that goes above and beyond the call and is worthy of being recognized, Click here to nominate them.

Watch the video to see the way everything unfolded.


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