Throwback Thursday Clip of the Week: Jason Campbell and Chief Zee talk Easterns

This week, we are bringing you a Throwback Thursday clip that is near and dear to not only our hearts but also to the residents of the DC, Maryland, and Virginia community.? Former Washington Redskins player, Jason Campbell is joined in this clip by the late Chief Zee.? Chief Zee was a well-known fan mascot of the Washington Redskins from the year 1978 all the way up until the year that he died in 2016.? What made Chief Zee so special was the fact that he was so dedicated to the Redskins.? He wore the controversial Native American war bonnet paired with a red jacket.

Jason Campbell is seen in the video chatting with Chief Zee about the large inventory at Eastern Motors.? In his mind, the inventory is so large that he just doesn?t know which car to choose.? Chief Zee reminds him that he will be good with whatever he chooses because you can?t go wrong when purchasing a car at Easterns.? Chief Zee then took his talents to the dance floor where he danced and sang along to the Easterns jingle.? This shoot was such a fun time!? Rest In Peace, Chief Zee. You will forever be a part of the Easterns family!

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