Throwback Thursday Clip of the Week: Reese Waters discusses his Eastern Motors commercial with ESPN Sports Center

We?re back with another Easterns Automotive Group (Eastern Motors) Throwback Thursday clip of the week.? Eastern Motors is known for filming commercials with professional athletes, comedians, artists, and actors.? In 2016, Maryland native and comedian Reese Waters was afforded the opportunity to star in his very own Eastern Motors commercial.? Waters had the chance to sit down with Joel Bassam (Director of Marketing for Easterns) to learn more about the company and its impact on the people of DC, Maryland, and Virginia.?? Bassam gave him a tour of the Easterns corporate office and show room in Sterling, Virginia and Waters fell in love. He was one that grew up singing the Easterns jingle himself so this opportunity was a big deal for him.? The two discussed the possibility of shooting a commercial on the spot and got right to work.? The shoot was especially fun because Waters is a comedian so of course he brought the funny.

After the impromptu commercial shoot, Waters stopped by to visit Josh Norman of the Washington Redskins to get some critique on his Easterns commercial.? Norman laughed and joked with Waters and yelled, ?You sucked!?? The two hit it off right away and began to chat it up.? Just a few weeks prior, Norman filmed his very own Easterns commercial spots along with his teammates Ryan Kerrigan and Josh Norman.

Waters sat down with ESPN Sports Center to break down the culture of the Eastern Motors commercials and why they are so important.? When Easterns first started doing commercials over 30 years ago, it was something done on a small scale for the community.? Now, Easterns commercials are world-renowned to the pint that people in other countries know and sing along to the jingle.