Easterns Automotive Group supports Firm Foundations Romania

Firm Foundations Romania

As a staple in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia community, Easterns Automotive Group (Eastern Motors) is known for being a charitable organization that gives back.? Usually Easterns tends to help out local people and organizations but this time their reach went overseas.? The Firm Foundations Romania organization caught the attention of Director of Marketing at Easterns, Joel Bassam.? This non profit is on a mission to transform the lives of disadvantaged Romanian children and families.? They do this by providing physical and educational guidance and sharing the Gospel.? No one should want to see any child suffering or in need of attention.? All children need unconditional love and support in order to prosper, grow, and be successful in life despite their upbringing or financial status.? Firm Foundations Romania is committed to providing educational opportunities for the youth and equipping them with the tools they need to serve others.? Easterns made a donation of $500 but of our course there are numerous ways to help out that aren?t monetary.? They are in search of short and long term volunteers.? Donations such as clothing, hygiene products, and school supplies are welcome and appreciated.? Please click here to find out how you can help.