Throwback Thursday Clip of the Week: No Bow and Arrow for Josh Norman

Guess what day it is? Thursday! This means that it is time for another Throwback Thursday Clip of the week presented by Easterns Automotive Group (Eastern Motors). In 2016, upon his arrival to the DMV area to play for the Washington Redskins, Josh Norman became a part of the Easterns All Star team with Ryan Kerrigan and Kirk Cousins. Norman has shot a variety of commercials since then but this clip is one that stuck out. During a 2016 Washington Redskins game against the Cleveland Browns, Norman pretended to shoot an imaginary bow and arrow in the air to celebrate his interception. He was flagged and fined $10,000 by the NFL because they felt that the gesture simulated violence. The discussion grew when former New Orleans Saints player, Brandin Cooks was thrown into the mix since he has been doing the gesture for years and has never been penalized. Norman felt that the NFL organization was singling him out and making an example out of him.

In the Throwback Thursday clip, Norman is shown attempting to do the same bow and arrow celebration but was stopped by someone yelling, ?No!? It was a fun skit to remake because there was never any harm meant in the first place. Norman is not a violent person nor does he condone that type of behavior so for it was just strange for people to imply violence behind the celebratory gesture. In fact, Norman is one of the few players to start his very own foundation in DC ?Starz24? to help support children in the local community. Click Here to find out more about Josh Norman?s Starz24 foundation.