Pay It Forward | Celebrating Military Appreciation Month at Washington Navy Yard

Pay It Forward partners Fox 5 DC and Easterns Automotive Group teamed up once again, but this time in honor of Military Appreciation Month. The military is the heart of this country because they continue risk their own lives to fight for us civilians on a daily basis. Often times, we forget to honor them and really show them the love and respect that they deserve. Fox 5 DC and Easterns decided that they were going to change things. Joel Bassam, Director of Marketing at Easterns Automotive Group, met with Mike Thomas of Fox 5 DC to pass out gift cards to both retired and active members of the military. The overall goal was just to bring a smile to veterans? faces and show veterans genuine appreciation for protecting this country and keeping us all safe.

Sgt. Matt Wilkes stopped by to chat and help Pay It Forward to other veterans. He is currently retired after serving 3 tours. According to Sgt. Wilkes, life as a member of the military is much more structured and discipline than life as a civilian. Unlike many of us, he has been able to be both in his lifetime. The key to surviving in the military is having a strong support system. His wife was just that as she raised the kids and handled everything at home when he was away. Sgt. Wilkes just recently received his degree from George Mason University in Cyber Security Engineering and is in the process of transitioning fields. He is proof that there is another life after retiring from the military. It really comes down to what you want in life.

Fox 5 DC and Easterns Automotive Group gave out over $3,000 in gift cards to active and retired military around the Washington Naval Yard. Hopefully you feel inspired to do something nice for any military personnel that you know. We must continue to let our military know they are appreciated.

If you know someone in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area that goes above and beyond the call and is worthy of being recognized, Click here to nominate them.


Watch the video to see the way everything unfolded.



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