Easterns Automotive Group partners with Earth Lady / Small Footprint Lifestyle

Earth Lady Programs were founded by the amazing Izolda Trakhtenberg to teach students about Earth Science and natural resources. Trakhtenberg or ?Earth Lady? is a science collaborator at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. With all of her experience, she has made it her job to share her environmental-friendly experience with others and encourage people to go green, especially children. If you start teaching children young, they learn and carry those teachings with them throughout the rest of their life. The major reason for going green is to save the Earth and keep it as clean as possible for the generations to come. Trakhtenberg teaches a variety of workshops and programs to students to students in Greenbelt and Prince Georges County, Maryland but also travels all over the world.

Easterns Automotive Group got wind of some of the fabulous work that Earth Lady is doing with the students in the community and wanted to help out. With all the programs and workshops coming up, Earth Lady was in need of some supplies for her students. Easterns donated several items including educational thermometers, beakers, and paint. The students will get to use all of these during their upcoming workshop at Watkins Park. If you would like to find out more about Earth Lady and her workshops/programs for students, Click Here.

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