Easterns donates to Seasoned Settlers, a D.C.-based nonprofit organization

Seasoned Settlers is a D.C.-based nonprofit organization that was created by Sweetz LaBamba. The organization provides entertainment and specialty entertainment for the youth as well as senior citizens. Whether it is range of motion, minute meditation, or reinforcing their therapeutic aspects, LaBamba knows the importance of helping others in the community. The live entertainment events hosted by Seasoned Settlers bring smiles to many faces all different ages and cultural backgrounds. The events are able to able to teach and inform as well as bring everyone attending together through music ? the universal language. Seasoned Settlers hosts events at a variety of locations including schools, churches, universities, and various facilities. Through the organization, LaBamba has been able to open doors and provide unique volunteer opportunities for individuals looking to give back and make a difference in the community. However, in order to keep this great organization LaBamba needs donations from other members of the community. The donations would help Seasoned Setters get the supplies they need in order to continue providing entertainment.

Easterns Automotive Group heard about the great things that LaBamba is doing with Seasoned Setters and wanted to help out. LaBamba was in need additional supplies for her volunteers to fully execute the live events and provide exceptional quality. Easterns donated a Fender portable PA system, an HP laptop, and a Canon camera bundle. LaBamba, her incredible team, and students were so grateful for the items received that they decided to make Easterns a thank you video. Take a look below!

Click here to find out more about Seasoned Settlers and their mission.