Proud customer shares his car buying experience at Easterns Automotive Group (Eastern Motors)

After being in business for over 30 years, Easterns can definitely attribute majority of the success to having such amazing customers. They have always been a company that cares deeply about their customers as well as the opinions and feedback that they have regarding their visits. Easterns caught up with Charles Tyson of Fairfax, Virginia to discuss his most recent car buying experience. Tyson is currently a college student and a photographer for his school. When Tyson came to Easterns to purchase his vehicle, he was looking for a more practical vehicle to suit his college life. The Honda Civic ended up being his choice and he is absolutely thrilled about his decision. Tyson smiled from ear to ear during the sit down because this was his first time buying a vehicle. He did let us know how much he enjoyed the customer service that he received from the Easterns staff. It is very important that customers feel welcome when they arrive and throughout the entire car buying process. Tyson mentioned how much he loves the jingle commercials with the players of the Washington Redskins. On behalf of the Easterns staff, we must thank him for being such a great customer and a long time supporter of Easterns Automotive Group.

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