Throwback Thursday Clip of the Week | Santana Moss challenges a Lamborghini to a race

Happy New Year to all! We wanted to kick off our first Throwback Thursday with someone very special by the name of Santana Moss. Moss had an incredible 10 year run playing for the Washington Redskins. Many would love to say that they made at least half of the impact that Moss on the team and the entire Redskins organization. Moss is the current host of Redskins Shop Talk on NBC Sports. He definitely stuck around way longer than his time in the league. Moss is now able to give his thoughts, opinion, and critique to current players of the Redskins as well as other NFL teams. It?s always great to hear the prospective of an actual player himself that knows the game and the feeling of being on top. This particular throwback video was shot back in 2007 during a time where you couldn’t go anywhere in the DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia) area where you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing someone wearing a Moss jersey. He was and still is beloved in the community by Redskins fans which is one of the reasons beyond just his awesome skills that Easterns wanted him to star in a commercial.
In this clip, Moss is seen going back and forth with a Lamborghini that is revving its engine. Moss starts to throw out his stats to basically let the Lamborghini know who’s boss. He made brief mention of having over 300 catches and over 4,700 yards. Of course these numbers aren’t accurate to date but they were back in 2007 when the commercial was filmed. The Lamborghini continued to rev its engine and rile Moss up. Moss then challenged the Lamborghini to a race by saying? Let’s see what you got!? He wasted no time taking off and was well in motion before the Lamborghini could get off the ground. There was no denying that Moss was one of the best in the league with his skill and his speed. An incredible talent!

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