Eastern Motors Jingle Commercial | Brian Orakpo, Jordan Reed, & Bradley Beal

We have a special treat for you all this week! Of course, it?s time for our Throwback Thursday Clip of the Week but this one is special. The stars of this week?s commercial clip are Jordan Reed of the Washington Redskins, Bradley Beal of the Washington Wizards, and Brian Orakpo (formerly) of the Washington Redskins. This commercial was shot back in 2014 before Orakpo became a player for the Tennessee Titans. What makes this clip so special is that Easterns had players of both the NBA and NFL in one commercial. People in the community were very excited about this especially because majority of them are die-hard Washington fans period. People in the DMV metro area always show up and support no matter the sport or league. Any athlete that is good at their sport and a respectful individual will always gain the likes of fans in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. Reed, Orakpo, and Beal had such a blast filming this commercial because they were able to get outside their comfort zone. You can see them smirking and dancing while singing the jingle. It?s always refreshing seeing athletes off the field when they can showcase their fun personality. These guys really did make it their own. Who wouldn?t want a car from Easterns after watching this? What a fun shoot!