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Pay It Forward | So What Else

It?s about that time again for another Pay It Forward segment brought to you by Easterns Automotive Group and Fox 5 DC. This segment highlights a very special nonprofit organization in the DC area. So What Else was created by Bob Schless and Dave Silbert. The two had a goal in mind and that was to provide after school and summer programs for underprivileged children. Together, they turned their dream into a reality and to date So What Else provides more than 40 hours of after school programs across the DMV area. It takes 1,000 volunteers to provide help for the 60 projects under the So What Else umbrella. Silbert and Schless are firm believers that it is very important to instill the important of giving back into the children at a young age so they will be inspired to pay it forward and help others.
One of the remarkable aspects of So What Helps is that they take a very different approach in terms of programming. The kids are involved in various different projects involving technology and innovation as well as providing a holistic approach. Some of the most recent projects included children building a park bench out of recyclables, collecting trash at a park, and creating art for sick children in the hospital.

The programs offered by So What Else are completely free for the children that attend. This is one of the reasons why Schless and Silbert want to make sure that the most deserving children are able to participate. Easterns and Fox 5 DC heard their story and the powerful things that they are doing in the community. The two Pay It Forward partners decided to present So What Else with a check for $1,500, yoga mats, snacks, and $200 extra dollars for a Christmas pizza party. The money from the check will help up to five children attend their camp. We must commend So What Else for the amazing work they are doing in the community.

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