Eastern Motors Commercial w/ Ray Lewis (Rips Tire Off A Vehicle)

It?s time for another Throwback Thursday Clip of the Week. In this week?s commercial, we have Baltimore?s very own Ray Lewis aka Inspector 52. Lewis played for the Baltimore Ravens as a linebacker for 17 years. He wasn?t born in Baltimore but the city still claims him as their own since he has done so much for football as well as the community. Easterns also has strong ties in Baltimore having a location in Rosedale, Maryland which is just outside of the city. It only made sense to bring Lewis on board and show the people of the DC, Maryland, and Virginia community that two strong forces can come together and create magic. Lewis starred in a series of commercials including this one being referred to as ?Inspector 52?. The reason for this is because in each clip he is inspecting a certain part of a vehicle to show the vigorous inspection that vehicles from Easterns go through before they even make it to the lot.