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Pay It Forward ? Thanksgiving Surprise

We have to start out by saying we hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving with your loved ones. Easterns and Fox 5 DC decided to partner up specifically for the holidays and do something special on the day before Thanksgiving. This is the time when most people are in the stores picking up last minute items and the essential ingredients for Thanksgiving dinner. Holly Morris and Wisdom Martin of Fox 5 DC, traveled to various local shopping centers to surprise a few customers with $200 American Express gift cards provided by Easterns Automotive Group. The two really thought it was imperative to give back directly to the community but in a way that was truly a surprise. Morris and Martin selected one random person from each grocery store that they went to which was four people in total. It was so great capturing the genuine reactions of the winners that were selected. They were all shocked, thrilled, and full of joy that someone thought to do something so nice for them around the holidays. The winners range in race, sex, and age because it was important to reach everyone. The goal was just to make Thanksgiving a little more special.

The holiday season is even more magical when you give back and help put a smile on the faces of others. Please do your part to help anyone that you see in need. Helping does not just mean just giving monetarily but it can also be just providing someone with conversation or a few minutes of your time. Some people just need a small boost to motivate them and give them the strength they need to get back on their feet and conquer their goals. Do your part; you too can Pay It Forward!

This was a random act of kindness. However, Easterns Automotive Group has partnered with FOX 5 DC to help honor people in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia community who go above and beyond the call. If you know someone worthy of being recognized, Click here to nominate them.

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