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Pay It Forward: Chess Girls D.C.

The holidays are near! Easterns Automotive Group and Fox 5 DC decided to come together to Pay It Forward once more before Thanksgiving. The act of giving back is imperative but it is even more important during the holidays. We want to encourage everyone out there to help someone in need, however they can. For this Pay It Forward segment, Eastern Motors and Fox 5 DC selected to help a non-profit organization by the name of Chess Girls D.C. Robin Ramson created this organization so that young girls would have the opportunity to learn how to play chess in Washington D.C. She was inspired by her very own daughter who grew up loving the game of chess. Although many think that chess is just a game, there are many skills learned by playing the game. According to Ramson, many of the young girls are better are critical thinking and being aware of their choices. It?s clear that this group of girls will be very forward thinkers by learning these cognitive skills at such a young age.

Easterns Automotive Group teamed up with the help of Fox 5 DC decided to Pay It Forward to this amazing group. Joel Bassam, Director of Marketing at Easterns and Allison Seymour of Fox 5 DC presented Ramson with a bulk amount of supplies for the young girls from their wish list. They also presented Chess Girls D.C. with a check so they can continue meeting as a group at Emery Recreation Center.

Being that Chess Girls D.C. is a non-profit organization, Ramson relies on grants and donations to keep the program running because it is free for girls to join. If you would like to donate, please click here. Every little bit helps! Also, click here to nominate anyone that you feel is worthy of being recognized for their work in the community.

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