Pay It Forward: Easterns and Fox 5 DC team up to help The Two Percent Project

Pay It Forward is a segment that Easterns and Fox 5 DC came up with as a platform to give back and help those in need located in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia community. For this edition of Pay It Forward, the two selected a nonprofit organization by the name of The Two Percent Project. This organization provides resources, counseling, and education to both teens and young adults facing crisis pregnancies. The founder, Autumn Williams, is a firm believer in empowering young mothers and fathers to have hope, faith, and still prosper in life despite the choices they have made or obstacles that may come their way. Williams feels so passionately about this cause because she too had children at a young age but that did not stop her from going to college and following her dreams. “When you have a purpose it definitely makes a difference in your overall life and I definitely wanted to show my kids that your mistakes don’t define you, how you handle them does,” Williams said.

The Two Percent Project is made up of volunteers that help Williams keep the nonprofit up and running. However, the expenses of running a nonprofit can be very overwhelming especially because Autumn is the one footing the bill for everything herself on top of having to provide for herself and her family. The Two Percent Project is currently accepting donations such as diapers, baby wipes, baby clothes, strollers, and car seats. The organization will be holding a consignment sale on October 21st (10am-2pm) at Freedom High School in Woodbridge, Virginia.

The Director of Marketing at Easterns Automotive Group, Joel Bassam, donated are large supply of baby products on behalf of Easterns as well as a check to over The Two Percent Project?s rent for the next three months. This will be able to help Williams have more money to plan field trips, workshops, and parties for the young teens in the organization. If you are unable to attend to consignment sale, please click here to help and donate any way that you possibly can. A little goes a long way!

Easterns Automotive Group has partnered with FOX 5 DC to help honor people in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia community who go above and beyond the call. If you know someone worthy if being recognized, Click here to nominate them.

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