Easterns Automotive Group helps Boy Scout troop in Virginia after gear, trailer stolen

A Manassas Boy Scout troop had their trailer full of camping gear stolen. However, things quickly changed into a positive direction when a local business owner made the choice to help in and help.

Boy Scout Troop #43 used the Grace Church parking lot to store the trailer including over $10,000 of camping gear. The theft occurred during the night that they were planning to travel to West Virginia for an overnight camping trip.

?I told them, ?Hey guys, sometimes bad things happen. It?s a matter of what we do now with that defines our character,? Troop leader Roger Henderson told the boys.

A surprise would soon be on it?s way. Robert Bassam, CEO of Easterns Automotive Group, saw the report and felt tremendously bad that someone could steal from children. He took it upon himself to get involved as he normally does, especially in the community. Bassam has always been generous so it is no surprise he would be this way in this scenario also. On behalf of Easterns Automotive Group, Bassam gifted Troop 43 a brand new trailer as well as $2500 in gift cards to help get new equipment.

“I’m not often speechless ? but this is crazy,” Henderson said.

“When we saw your story, we knew we had to get involved,” Bassam told Henderson the Troop. He even offered to give more if needed.

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Link to original story: http://www.fox5dc.com/news/pay-it-forward/139881966-story


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