Easterns Automotive Group generously donates to a Woodbridge family to help get service dog for their autistic son

Service dogs have been known to sooth some children with severe autism. Parents of children with autism are beginning to seek service dogs for help. Amy Hoffman and her family have been working hard to raise $13,000. This is the amount that they will need to have a service dog trained for their son, Eiji.

At just four years old, Eiji suffers from regular seizures. The Hoffmann family has joined forces with an Ohio non-profit called 4 Paws for Ability. They have raised about $6,000 thus far ? which is half is what they needed.

During this time, their other son, 2-year-old Kai, has also been diagnosed with autism. As if this wasn?t enough, their townhome in Woodbridge has been broken into. Needless to say, this has been quite a difficult time for the Hoffman family.

Amy was unaware that FOX 5 wouldn?t be her only visitor on Thursday. A surprise was also on the way.

Joel Bassam of Easterns Automotive Group had just made a deposit of $6,915 to the Hoffman?s fundraising account. This amount is the balance needed to meet their goal in order to get Eiji his service dog.

?We?ve been in this community for 26 years and we?re always looking for great ways to give back,? Bassam said. ?We just want to touch the lives of the people we give to. It?s one of those things that is just a perfect fit for us.?

?I don?t know who this guy is, but I just want to hug him,? Hoffman said after greeting Bassam. ?Thank you so much. I can?t say it enough.?

It will take approximately 15 months for Eiji?s dog to be trained

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