Easterns Automotive Group, with Fox 5, give Ruth’s Miracle Home a miracle of their own

Allison Seymour of Fox 5 recently shared the story of the founder of Ruth’s Miracle Group Home Foundation, Veronica Alston.

Ruth’s Miracle Group Home Foundation has been located in Lusby, Maryland since 2009. The purpose for this residence is to assist women looking for a fresh start after traumatic experiences with drugs, alcohol, incarceration, homelessness and domestic violence.

Veronica is able to understand of the women looking for help because she once was an addict herself. She has dedicated her life to helping women get out of similar hardships that she faced.

Veronica has made it possible for the women to have anger and parenting classes, weekly meetings, volunteering, chores and meditation. Women are given the opportunity to find what works for them to help them get back on the right path. The overall goal for the women in the program is to live a healthy and independent life.

When we last spoke with Veronica, she told us that her group was in need of a van to transport the women.

Fox 5 and Easterns Automotive Group were so touched by her story that they decided to gift her with a brand new van to help her foundation. She was overcome with joy!

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Link to original story: http://www.fox5dc.com/news/pay-it-forward/2538545-story